Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tool 10

One thing I want students to know about being a good digital citizen is the ability to recognize legit sources as they research.  The example from the summer that really hit home was the Martin Luther King site that is owned by a notorious KKK member.  Students need to know how to validate the information the are receiving.  I also want them to search several sources before creating their opinion on a subject.  Too often people create an opinion after looking at only one site.  Finally, I want students to understand internet safety by being conscientious of the information they put on sites.  Many students have no idea that the information they put on the internet now may be searched by future employers, etc.

I would teach digital citizenship to my students by showing them examples, such as the KKK example above, because I honestly think it is naivety that causes them to use mis-information.  I frequently email parents about upcoming events and information in class.  I would use these emails to keep parents informed about the technology we are using in class and the ways they can help ensure their children are being good digital citizens.

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  1. Students don't seem to be getting as much instruction and guidance on Digital Citizenship as they need. I am glad you see a need for it and will teach/model what the characteristics of a good digital citizen are. Great job Lindsey!